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All Roads Lead to Heaven, Travel Agent

Max Lucado in a video program based on his book 3:16 Stories of Hope, has a wonderful lesson on the oft heard statement, "All roads lead to heaven". He then gives us an imaginary discussion with a travel agent. "

You tell him you need a flight to Rome, Italy. So he looks on his screen, and he offers, "Well, there’s a flight to Sidney, Australia, at 6:00 a.m."

"Does it go to Rome?" you ask.

"No, but it offers great food and movies."

"But I need to go to Rome," you say.

He says, "Well, let me suggest Southwest Airlines."

"Southwest Airlines flies to Rome?"

"No, but they win awards for on-time arrivals."

You’re getting frustrated, so you reiterate "I need one airline, to carry me to one place—Rome."

The agent appears offended: "Sir, all flights go to Rome."

Source: Max Lucado video based on"3:16 Stories of Hope", (Lionsgate, 2007)

From a sermon by Charles Wilkerson, Being Safe in an Unsafe World, 10/21/2009

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