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Laws of Stewardship, Sowing and Reaping

A few of the Laws of Stewardship and of Sowing and Reaping:

THE LAW OF RIGHTFUL OWNERSHIP – Nothing truly belongs to us; everything actually belongs to God.

THE LAW OF PURPOSEFUL POSSESSION – Wise stewards are guided by lordship, not “hoardship.”

THE LAW OF MIRACULOUS MULTIPLICATION – Man’s economic measurements are no match for God’s miracles of multiplication.

THE LAW OF GUARANTEED RETURN – As you give, so it will be given to you. You get more back than you give.

THE LAW OF JOYFUL GENEROSITY – God loves those who give with the right attitude.

THE LAW OF FAITHFUL DEPENDABILITY – How much can God trust you is the mark of a true steward.

THE LAW OF PARADOXICAL PARTICIPATION – The greatest blessings often come out of the greatest sacrifices.

THE LAW OF SUPERNATURAL SUPPLY – God enables the giver to give beyond his ability to give.

THE LAW OF PERSONAL INITIATIVE – Giving out of a desire to give is better than giving out of duty.

THE LAW OF GRACEFUL ABUNDANCE – Abundant grace brings abundant blessing that spurs abundant ministry.

THE LAW OF SECRET SPIRITUALITY – Godly giving is a private demonstration of our faithfulness, not a public display of pride.

THE LAW OF SACRIFICIAL EXAMPLE – The most significant gifts are often given by the most insignificant givers. (The Widow’s Mite)

THE LAW OF RISKY MISMANAGEMENT – Trying to rob God will always cause robbery of your blessings.

THE LAW OF GODLY CONTENTMENT – Wise stewards are happy with what they have, not hassled by what they don’t have.

THE LAW OF ABSOLUTE HARVEST – Sow sparingly, reap sparingly; sow bountifully, reap bountifully.

THE LAW OF CHANNELED RESOURCES – Good Stewards are “pipe-lines”; not storage tanks.

THE LAW OF LOVING COMPLIANCE – Pure obedience, prompted by pure love, produces pure stewardship.

(Excerpts from “The 33 Laws of Stewardship; Principles for a Life of True Fulfillment” by Dave Sutherland, Kirk Nowery)

From a sermon by James May, The Sermon That Nobody Wants To Hear, 10/25/2009

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