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GI Cook Picks Out an Enemy Infiltrator during World War II

I read the true story of GIs stationed on Leyte in the Philippines during WW II. Although the region was secure, sometimes the enemy tried to infiltrate their food storage area. One such adversary, dressed in GI clothing, had worked himself into the noontime chow line. But the camp cook spotted him, pulled a pistol from under the serving table and yelled for the MPs to come and arrest the man.

After it was all over, the soldiers asked the cook how he knew the man wasn’t one of them.

"I figured it wasn’t one of you guys, ’cause he was coming back for seconds." (Reader’s Digest 5/93, p.46)

APPLY: That enemy soldier “looked” like the other GI’s

He was dressed like them.

He walked like them.

He behaved like them.

BUT something gave him away

Something made him stand out.

What gave him away?

He was grateful for all the food he could get.

He was thankful for the food no one else wanted.

Being thankful was what set him apart.

Those American soldiers had all the food they could want; they just didn’t want it all that bad. They weren’t thankful for what they had… but the enemy soldier was.

From a sermon by Jeff Strite, B Thankful, 11/22/2009

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