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Atheist Thankful for a Beautiful Morning

One morning a woman who was a known atheist stepped out of her home on the hillside and was taken back by what a beautiful morning it was. The Cook Inlet sparkled, the air was fresh and crisp, the sky was a blue as she had ever seen it and Denali loomed over the whole scene. She was so overwhelmed she shouted out at the top of her lungs, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful morning!”

A neighbor happened to be walking by at the very moment the woman was shouting out her joy. “Who are you talking to?” asked this neighbor, surprised by the woman’s obvious enthusiasm.

She paused, and thought for a time, yet for all her efforts, she could come up with no answer. She had no idea who she could be talking too?

We as humans are created to respond in thanksgiving, we are created to respond in thanksgiving to the one who this woman for the life of her could not name: Jesus Christ.

From a sermon by Peter Loughman, Honest Thanks, 11/24/2009

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