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IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF CALM-- Communion Mediation

Lucinda Norman, in an article for Lookout magazine, describes her Christmas shopping experience at a busy mall. People had been pushing, elbowing and cutting in front of her all day. Hardly able to take it anymore, she says,

“During a 10-minute special (10% off the already 25% discount), a woman grabbed a lace tablecloth from my hands. I looked her straight in the eye and grunted, “Mine!” and yanked it back. I won. By 4 o’clock in the afternoon, my mood was belligerent.”

At a mall restaurant she met some friends and flagged down a server and said, “I need hot tea, now!” The lady snapped at her and said, “I’m not your server. Wait your turn.”

She said, “Lady, I’ve been waiting my turn all day, bring me some tea!” But the waitress ignored her.

A few moments later, a friendly young man came to their table smiling and said, “I’m Rob, your waiter.” After he took their order she noticed that Rob stopped to help the rude waitress with her tray. He greeted the other customers and staff.

In the midst of dozens of hurried shoppers and restaurant staff he conducted himself in a polite, unhurried atmosphere of calm. When he refilled her tea, Lucinda noticed a silver ring on his right hand made of connected letters. After he walked away, she said to the other ladies at the table, “Did you notice that our server is wearing a ring that spells Jesus?”

From that moment her attitude changed. This one young man’s example had reminded her of the peace that Christ came to bring.

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