Sermon Illustrations


Here’s one I am sure you can relate to. You’re in a hurry to get somewhere and your wife or girlfriend, or kids don’t share your sense of urgency. There you are waiting at the door or in the car for them to get ready to go. Now what are you experiencing inside? Are you peacefully watching the wind blow the flowers gently back and forth in the garden? Do you pull out the owner’s manual for the car and with great interest read about the option on your car that you didn’t know you had?

Or are you in a somewhat different frame of mind? Do you find yourself asking, "What is more important, being late, or the people I am waiting for?" If God can watch us destroy ourselves and his creation and peacefully sit back, perhaps we can show a little more patience when things are not going quite as we planned. You might be amazed at what God gives you when you peacefully wait rather than stress out and get angry. Maybe it’s a spiritual opportunity that you would not have otherwise had.

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