3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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The difference between knowing about and knowing:

I’ve read several books about Winston Churchill … but of course, I never met the man. I admire him and appreciate him, but can’t say that I know him in the way that I know my own father. The difference lies in the fact that I have been around my father for 59 years. I’ve talked with him and spent time with him I know his voice when I hear it. I know his personality as well as his strengths and weaknesses. I know the kinds of things he worries about, I know how reliable he is to keep his word and commitments. I know how honest he is. I know the kind of provider he has been for his family. I know what ticks him off. I know what are the most important things to him.

In other words, I KNOW my dad. But I only know ABOUT Winston Churchill. That’s true of most historical characters. We can know all kinds of things ABOUT them. But we have no way to really KNOW them personally.

But Jesus is not JUST a person who lived in history. Jesus still lives today. Through His Spirit, Jesus Christ can have a very real and personal relationship with you and with me … in the here and now.

So when Paul prayed for Christians to KNOW Christ better, he was talking about personal relationship kind of knowledge.

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