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Have you ever been told something so thrilling that you could not be quiet? There had to be a party going on in heaven!

Angels by their nature worship, serve, and represent God. Now the promise of the ages to all mankind had come.

They could not shut up about it! The celebration overflowed, spilling out from the eternal heaven to the very place where their Master entered time and space and became one of us. Not only did the shepherds receive a birth announcement, they were treated to a celestial concert never before performed.

When we watch the story of Jesus’ birth, there are always a few angels showing up at this part. But we really cannot grasp the picture of what the shepherds experienced. The angelic appearance was sudden and unexpected. They came as “a great company of the heavenly host.” Godet wrote, “The troop of angels issues forth from the depths of that invisible world which surrounds us on every side.” Many Old Testament passages note the enormity of the multitude of heavenly beings. On that first Christmas night there were not just a few angels making their appearance to the shepherds. No, the sky would have been filled with praise from horizon to horizon!

We too have news that cannot and must not be contained. We must make some noise by joining the heavenly host and singing for joy!

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