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Now it came to pass that a certain man was traveling Lonesome Street, a lonely and dark road from Tom's Tavern to Bill's Bar. After many visits to this bar, the consumption of liquor got a hold of him, stripped him of all his goods and left him destitute and dying on Skid Row. There came that way a certain respected religious leader, a bishop in the church. He saw the drunk with a bleeding skull and vomit covering his clothes. Deciding he was too drunk to talk to about his soul, he thought society should do something to prohibit such drunkenness. He passed by on the right as far and as fast as possible.

Soon a social worker, whose training taught him how to care for persons with all kinds of social and personal problems, came that way. He saw the man stretched out on the sidewalk. He looked at him, but concluded that the man was beyond help or hope, he straightway continued on his way.

After some time, an outcast of society, a longhaired motorcycle rider came down Lonesome Street. Though despised by respectable people and watched with suspicion by the police, the biker saw the dying drunk. He came where he was and called a fellow longhaired biker to help him. He spoke soothing words, lifted the man in his arms, and took him to a place where he knew the man would receive care. Now who was the neighbor?

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