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No one saw it coming. President Bush was attending a primary school activity when he received the call. Do you remember where you were on 9-11? American flights were banned from entry as provinces and countries dealt with international flights on route to America needing a place to land. What is most alarming are suggestions that American Intelligence knew something was coming but didn’t act on the information...

It is blasphemy to suggest we know what is to come when Jesus decided he did not need to know the Father’s will for the end of time. We mustn’t waste time trying to figure out times and signs. The emphasis – be ready. Live out each moment fully aware that today could be The Day. Be consumed with the truth He is coming! There is no mistake that Jesus will come again. The answer we don’t have is WHEN. So the only response to that cloaked mystery is, Be ready for whenever! Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the intelligence. To do so will have eternal catastrophic outcomes.

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