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September 4, 1990, was the beginning of a new era for the Ellison Family of Long Island. It was mom Jean’s first day of a new teaching job, and daughter Brooke’s first day of seventh grade. But things didn’t unfold as planned.

Brook was hit by a car that day, and a different story of a Mother’s dedication unfolded.

In the following years, Jean stood by her daughter through paraplegia, through her fight to stay in a regular Jr High, and even lived 4 years in a dorm room with Brooke so she could graduate from Harvard.

In Brooke’s 2000 Harvard Graduation speech she says, "Ten years ago, I was hit by a car. No one expected me to live. I have been paralyzed from the neck down and on a respirator since that time. Tomorrrow, I will graduate from Harvard. Miracles happen. They have happened to me and they are happening to you. You need only to look at the...

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