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Claiming Forgiveness

How do we know our sins are gone in God’s sight? Most of us know we have been born again. We see the difference. But how do we know we are forgiven? We know it only by taking God at His word and claiming it by faith.

Emperor Napoleon, riding through his ranks fell from his horse. Just before his head hit a rock, a private caught him. Napoleon looked at the man and said, “Young man, you are now a captain.” The soldier walked over and pushed two lieutenants away from the fire so he could warm himself. They confronted him and said, “What are you doing, private?” He told them he was a c aptain and they said, “Who told you that nonsense?” He pointed in the distance to Napoleon, slowly riding away, and said, “He did!” They snapped to attention and said “Yes sir!”

When people ask us how we know we are right with God and going to heaven, we point to the Word of God and say it tells us so. The greatest song we Christians ever learn could well be the first song we ever learned,

“Jesus loves me this I know For the Bible tells me so.”

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