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A revealing exchange was captured on the Fox News Channel. Bill O’Reily was interviewing Dan Rather, longtime anchorman at CBS. O’Reilly: I want to ask you flat out. Do you think bill Clinton’s an honest man? Rather: Yes, I think he’s an honest man. O’Reilly: Do you really? Rather: I do. O’Reilly: Even though he lied to Jim Lehrer”s (anchorman for PBS) face about the Lewinsky case? Rather: Who among us has not lied about something? O’Reilly: Well, I didn’t lie to anybody’s face on national television. I don’t think you have, have you? Rather: I don’t think I ever have. I hope I never have. O’Reilly: Then how can you say he’s an honest guy? Rather: Well, because I think he is. Rather went on to say, “I think at the core he’s an honest person. I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.” Take about a “candid camera” moment. Post modernism, moral relativism, caught red handed in the light of the camera. Larry Wolters observed, “A commentary of the times is that the word honest is not preceded by old fashioned.”

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