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The Good Old Days

A girl who went to college, but she just hated it. She told herself, “If I can ever get out of college, get married and have children, I know I’ll finally be able to enjoy life.” So she stuck with it. She went to classes every day and finally graduated from college. Then she got married, had children and discovered that children are a lot of work. Then she told herself, “If I can just get these kids raised, then I’ll be able to relax and really enjoy life.” But about the time the kids were entering high school, her husband said, “Guess what? We don’t have enough money to send our kids to college. I guess you’ll have to get a job.” Well, she didn’t want to, but she knew he was right and they needed the money, so she went to work. She hated it, but told herself, “If I can just get these kids out of college, get all of the bills paid, then I can quit work and really enjoy life.” Finally, the last child graduated from college and all the bills were paid. So she walked into her employer’s office and said, “I quit.” He said, “Oh, you don’t want to quit now. If you stay with us just another 8 years, you’ll have a pension for the rest of your life.” She thought, “Well, I don’t want to work another 8 years, but there’s all that money there and I really can’t turn down the opportunity.” So she worked for another 8 years and finally, she and her husband retired at the same time. They sold their home and bought a little retirement cottage. Then they sat down on the swing on their front porch, looked at the family picture album and dreamed about the good old days.

Someone said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re making plans to do something else.”

From a sermon by Donnie De Loney, Each Day I Live, 12/31/2009

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