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Leonard Ravenhill says... “When I was praying in the Bahamas one day, I saw a great column of smoke, which happened to be coming from tires that were being burned. It was as black as could be, and over there on the right I saw a small wisp of smoke going up from the ground. I didn't think much of it until about a year after, I was praying and the Lord said, 'Remember that volume of black, thick smoke? It is like the volume of sin that goes up every day.' All the blasphemy, all the unbelief, all the dirty stories, all the lying, all the deception, all the sex-perversion, all the drunkenness, all the child molestation and abuse -- this tremendous column of iniquity goes up in the sight of God. And remember that small puff over on the right...that little wisp … of what? That is the praise that God gets out of His people.”

If we are going to realize how much we need revival we need to recognize the dimension of sin in this world. We have to recognize that sin utterly, completely, and agonizingly offends the Almighty God.

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