3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

The first time I flew on an airplane was when I went to visit the Freed-Hardeman University campus. I was traveling with two close friends and as we boarded the plane, I happened to glance over at the cockpit. Inside the cockpit there was what looked like a large round compass. In order to take us safely from O’Hare Airport in Chicago to the airport in Nashville, there was only one direction the pilot could fly. Now, imagine if the crew and passengers on board thought that was narrow-minded of the pilot and they thought we ought to take a vote on which degree we should fly the plane. Or maybe we could take turns choosing the direction. Or maybe we should just fly around in circles for a while. I doubt I ever would have gotten onto another plane. Folks, truth is just one degree out of three hundred and sixty. From here to heaven, there is only one way.

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