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Roots: Freedom From Your Slavery

Kunta Kinte lived free among the Mandinka people of West Africa, becoming a Mandinka warrior at fifteen. But then as he gathered wood for a drum outside his village, slavers captured him. Stacked away on a slave ship piled up with a hundred seventy other slaves, he was hauled to America and auctioned off as property, chattel to be bought and sold, used and abused. But he keeps his memories of freedom alive and passes them on to his daughter Kizzy. She was born a slave and never knew freedom firsthand. But she passed on her father's stories. That day finally came after Kizzy died when her grandchildren tasted freedom for good. So goes the story of /Roots/ as told by Alex Haley.

Do you, dear friends, long for freedom, the day of release? Yes, I know your American citizens, born in the land of the free and the home of the brave. But like Kizzy, you and I were born as slaves, captives. How sweet the words of liberation and freedom that Jesus speaks to our poor, oppressed, crushed souls! He speaks not of stories of the past or dreams for the future, but of a new reality. Release for you and for me. Release from our captivity and slavery. Released! Let that theme echo in your heart as the Holy Spirit breaks your chains through these words of Jesus. Released from the chains of guilt!

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