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Astronomer Sir Percival Lowell Deceived by Eye Condition

At the turn of the century the world’s most distinguished astronomer was Sir Percival Lowell. He was esteemed for his study of the solar system and had a particular fascination with Mars. He was certain that he had determined that there were CANALS on the surface of the Red Planet and that these canals were proof of intelligent life there. The balance of his life was spent squinting though a giant telescope in Arizona mapping the channels and canals he saw. He was so esteemed his teachings gained wide acceptance. Since that time our space probes have orbited mars and even landed on it’s surface. The entire planet has been mapped and no one has seen even one canal. It is now assumed that Percival Lowell had a rare eye disease which is now called ‘Lowell’s syndrome’ which makes a person see the bulging blood vessels in their own eyeballs. Part of Bible study is asking that the Holy Spirit reveal God’s truth to us and pray we are not lead into error by our own limited perspective and foolishness.

From a sermon by Stephen Sheane, Growing Through God’s Word, 1/26/2010

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