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There was a time when I told the Lord that I would do whatever He wanted me to do EXCEPT CAST OUT DEMONS and do weird stuff like that with the occult. I now realise that Jesus' power and authority far exceeds that of demons. Oh yes, I believe that demons exist! You don't want to talk about it? Well, that's how I felt too, but it's no use trying to bury your head in the sand. We are, as many Christians say, involved in a Spiritual Battle. If all we are battling is having a bad day, and a headache, then hello? We have missed the point! That's not a Spiritual Battle! Today, I fought off spiritual forces of darkness who tried to thwart my every step as I battled to get a panadol! Get a life!

On the other hand, on one occasion I found myself praying that demons would stop oppressing a friend who had been male witch and had become a Christian. He knew the reality of demons. Am I to do that everyday? I hope not. That was a battle!

I was at Borders the other day (which reminds me that I must visit Koorong bookstore soon) and I noticed that most of the young adult best selling books had occult themes ranging from mythological warewolves to ghosts. And of course I can't not mention other demonically associated characters like vampires who fall in love with humans ("New Moon", etc and yes, no matter how much...

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