Sermon Illustrations

Blackaby shares from his book “The Power of the Call” pages 10-14 on a clear picture of what one looks like who is called by God into pastoral ministry:

i. The pastor is chosen

ii. He is chosen by God

iii. He is chosen by God to be His servant

iv. He is chosen by God to shepherd His people

v. He recognizes that God’s people are His inheritance, that they are God’s “special treasure” (Exodus 19:5-6).

vi. He has integrity of heart.

vii. He recognizes that his assignment will require “skillfulness of his hands” (hard work, consistent with his heart).

viii. God calls his servants to be stewards (Acts 20:28-31)

ix. God calls his servants to be spiritual leaders

1. You cannot do Kingdom work with the world’s methods.

2. Genesis 12 – God showed what he would do and what He wanted Abraham to do.

x. The people are your ministry not the means you use to fulfill your ministry.

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