Sermon Illustrations

Gordan MacDonald states that all calls have similar commonalities and the following information is gleamed from his article “God’s Calling Plan” (Leadership, Vol. 24 page 25):

1. The call originates from the Godhead:

a. God called Abraham

b. God called Moses

c. God called Isaiah

d. God called Amos

e. Jesus called the 12

i. Then He sent them out to the nations.

f. Jesus called Saul changed his name to Paul.

g. The Holy Spirit called Barnabas

i. Nowhere in the Bible did anyone call himself but they were all called by the Godhead and anointed to do the call by the Godhead.

2. Many of the calls of people in the Bible were quite unpredicatable and the hearers were not always very receptive to the call:

a. Gideon – responded to his call with “How can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest, and I am the least in the family.”

b. David – was the youngest in the family.

c. Jeremiah – complained he was too young for this job.

d. Moses said “I cannot speak!”

e. Simon Peter – he was a fisherman not a public speaker.

f. Saul – He was a persecutor of the church and was involved in killing Christians.

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