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My son and daughter in law are wanting to renovate their home. They need more space with a new baby coming. As it is, my granddaughter sleeps in what was once a large walk-in closet. So they really need some space. Even then the house will still be small.

The house next door to my son’s house is full of asbestos. The neighbours want to do something about that but they have decided not to renovate, but to start again. They have decided to demolish it completely and rebuild. They want a completely new house.

RENOVATE OR DEMOLISH? That’s the choice Jesus gives in Matthew 9:16-17.

It seems to me that Jesus is saying He didn’t come to patch things up for me. He isn't into patching up my old way of life. He wants to make everything new! New birth in Christ is not just a renovation fo the old way of life. It must be new wine in new wineskins.

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