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Charles Colson who was put into jail for his part in the Watergate scandal in America so many years ago now, subsequently found Jesus in prison and today he heads up an international ministry to people in prisons all around the world.

He writes in his book Who Speaks for God? …about a man by the name of Yehiel Dinur, an Auschwitz holocaust survivor who was interviewed because of him being a witness at the Nuremburg war-crime trials after World War 2.

During the interview a film clip from Adolf Eichmann’s trial was viewed that showed how Dinur entered the room, and for the first time came face to face with Eichmann.

Stopped cold, Dinur began to sob uncontrollably and then fainted while the presiding judge pounded his gavel for order in the courtroom.

“Was Dinur overcome by hatred? Or Fear? Or horrid memories?”…asks Colson in his book.

This is what he wrote in his book, “NO; it was none of these. Rather, as Dinur explained later,…all at once he realized that Eichmann was not the godlike army officer who had sent so many people to their deaths. This...

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