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I am suffering at the moment with a cold, coughing and spluttering and my brain feels like it is packed tightly in sponge and being bounced down the slope of a mountain. A good friend said she is praying in Jesus Name for healing and believing for me to be well by Monday. I am believing for this too. These are encouraging words of life. I love it when people pray for my healing. I'll let you know the outcome of that prayer. I could ask "Why am I sick with a cold at present?" Is it because I have sinned and God is judging me or is it that sometimes even Pastors get sick and experience suffering? What are you thinking right now? Are you more inclined to have a doctrinal reason as to why I am sick or are you the person who asks the Lord "Empower me Lord. What can I do about this situation that will help?" The answer to that question will test your understanding of "COMPASSION".

I bet Job would have loved one of his friends to suggest praying for his healing or to ask Job how he can help. That obviously hasn't occurred to Zophar as yet. Zophar just wants to put in his two cents worth. He is as intractable as ever since the last time he spoke. He says in Job 20:2-3 (NLT) "I must reply because I am greatly disturbed. ... my spirit prompts me to reply." Ever said this? It's a lie. The truth is I don't have to reply just because I feel an impulsive urge to say something because I am annoyed or defensive or angry. In fact that is probably the best time to leave things unsaid. Zophar is out of line and it would have been better if he had been out of words.

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