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Mark's Gospel reveals the one cry recorded by Jesus at the crucifixion. Mark's Gospel is written from Peter's view point and it only emphasizes one agonizing lonely cry.

Why would Peter only include in his account the one cry of Jesus on the cross? Could it be that Peter could relate to this point of the crucifixion. It stands to reason from what the other Gospel writers recorded that Peter was deeply impacted by this moment in time. His re-telling of what he heard about the crucifixion centers in on Jesus' One cry. We know that He was not there because he had denied Christ the night before. He had fled and maybe he had already started heading back to his home town and back to his old trade of fishing. Maybe he remembers this time on the cross because of what he was doing at that same time. Could it be that he was at this horrible moment for Jesus walking back home in utter defeat. He was upset crying, weeping and having to face the separation between Him and Jesus? He had denied Jesus the one he loved! How could he have done that? Could it be this moment in time sticks out to him because he would have known the pain of being alone with sin rushing through over his life. He was facing it at the same time! Could it be that Peter knew how special Jesus relationship with 'Abba" Father was? Peter being close to Jesus would have known how deeply the Father's separation from Jesus would have hurt His Lord. He knew how lonely and hurtful it would have been for Jesus at this point in time....

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