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Lee Garfunkal's Pepsi versus Coke commercial is too funny. Pepsi is delivered to the Shady Acres Senior’s Retirement Home. The residents are talking rap over rock while Grandma zips by on a skateboard. Hi-fives are going around. One old guy loves the music pumping through the stereo (boom-box) but still thinks Hendrix is better. The delivery personnel then realize Shady Acres was supposed to get the Coke, and the student fraternity should have the Pepsi. While one driver is concerned, the other pipes up, "Coke, Pepsi--what’s the difference?"

The camera pans to the Frat house where the Coke was delivered. The scene is quite opposite. A bingo game is in progress with straw-sipping Coke-drinkers. Two students strain to see their bingo cards while another is passed out in a deep sleep. Others are sitting at tables and lounging in chairs, completely detached from reality. A quick flash to Shady Acres and the music is loud as seniors dance and party on.

As Pepsi believes it’s the missing adrenaline at a party, faith is the tonic of life.

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