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Burmese Parable About a Banyan Tree Seed

Don’t pitch your tents near sin or soon you will be living in it. I have heard stories of people who have been hooked by a variety of addictions. They almost always start by just an ‘innocent’ act that did not seem like much at the time. Gamblers who started by just putting a quarter in the slot machine. People struggling with pornography from just a glance at something they should not have been looking at. If you play with fire you will be burned. If you mess with the cat you can expect to be scratched. If you play with sin it will destroy you. Stay away from sin in your life!

A Burmese Christian tells the following parable: A little banyan seed said to a palm tree one day, "I am weary of being tossed about by the wind; let me lodge in your branches." "Remain as long as you like," was the reply. Soon the tree forgot all about its tiny guest, but the seed did not remain idle. Immediately it began to work its roots under the bark and into the heart of the trunk itself. Finally the tree cried out, "What are you doing?" "I’m only the little seed you allowed to rest among your boughs," came the reply. "Get out!" exclaimed the palm. "You’ve become too large and strong!" "I cannot leave you now," said the banyan. "We have grown together, and I would kill you if I tore myself away." The tree tried desperately to shake itself loose, but to no avail. Eventually its graceful leaves turned brown, and its trunk wasted away; but the banyan continued to thrive until its host could not longer be found.

Maybe you are here and you recognize that you are living too close to Sodom. Run for your life!

From a sermon by Stephen Sheane, Run For Your Life, 2/23/2010

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