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And now, am watching Larry King Live! Where there is an interesting interview with Mrs Cindi Broaddus, the sister to Robin McGraw, Dr Phil McGraw’s wife.

She was attacked five years ago by an unknown, hateful bigot who sprayed her with Sulfuric Acid from a highway overpass in the quiet countryside of Oklahoma. The attack left her completely disfigured and totally physically eaten up. The attack touched and grieved the soul of many in America, who could not understand why someone would attack a very simple, happily married, God – fearing, easy going, grandmother that has not offended him nor done any evil to warrant this kind of random, willful act.

Well, five years on and with the attacker still unknown and of course not yet arrested, Cindi has picked up the pieces of her shattered life and is back on her feet; completely recovered (though with scars all over her body and with a nicely reconstructed, make-over face) but with a good spirit and an upbeat attitude. She is not in the least angry with her attacker ( she says she has forgiven the hapless person) and is now the author of a book titled “ A Random Act” , which catalogues her experience of coping with the pain, her experience with reconstructive surgery and the journey to recovery, forgiveness and a new life!.

She credits her faith in God, her family (husband, children and grandchildren, as well her siblings, friends), and her choice (she says she chose to live; to be better and not bitter) for recovery and her new life!

What touched me most in her testimony, which is the inspiration for this message is a statement which she made (quoted, actually) from her book, which is the titled of this message: Don’t shut down! Open Up!

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