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Our moms are a lot like “Spiderman”. Already that new movie is touted as no. 1 movie for this summer on CNN, beating out “Star Wars Episode 2.” According to CNN, “Of all the superheroes, Spider-Man has always been a little more human than the rest. He doesn’t fly; he swings. … Even when it comes to the ladies, he struggles. Is it any wonder it’s so easy to relate to him?” That’s just why moms are #1 on our list. Just like Spiderman she swings into action for us. Yet she is very much human, she may not fly (maybe off the handle a bit at times) but she sure can swing it when it comes to getting the minivan, without forgetting to buckle us in our seats, to soccer practice/ music lesson and cook/help with homework and wanting the best for us kids. Like any human, she may...

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