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Prayer is really the starting place for all of our evangelistic efforts. We need to be like Paul in Romans 10:1, when he said: "Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved."

*Lee Thomas is a great teacher on praying for the lost. Here's part of a testimony from his book: When we begin to pray for someone's salvation, God seems to draw a circle around that individual and then gets in the circle with him. -- That is what happened to Ricky Gresham when his wife Helen and her pastor Mickey Hudnall began to pray for him.

*Ricky explained, "It was during the months of February and March of 1990 that I spent some of the most miserable days and nights of my life. Though I did not understand at that time, I was under the conviction of the Holy Spirit of God. Everywhere I turned during those two months I saw or heard something that pertained to God. It was as though every day when I awoke, -- there was God. People I had known for years were now telling me about the Lord. I just could not seem to hide anywhere!"

*Ricky told about riding in the truck of his best friend, when a friend of that man pulled them over and started talking about Jesus. Ricky said it seemed like he talked for an hour. Then in parentheses he wrote, "It was 5 minutes."

*And Ricky said: "At that time I was self-employed in a machine shop. There was a black gentleman that would come by and talk with me from time to time. In my pride I wasn't going to ask someone I knew about the Lord. Finally, I got up the courage to ask him about the Lord.

*Though I wasn't ready for his answer -- He was! He said, 'Just a minute,' and went to this truck coming back with a Bible that looked to be a hundred years old. He began to turn the pages of that Bible, reading the scriptures to me. I didn't really understand what he was sharing but there is one thing with me today that I have never forgotten: 'Ye must be born again!' He repeated that statement over and over and over -- it never left my mind!

*During this time, something was drawing me to God's word. I was too proud to ask someone for a Bible, so I looked up 'Christ' in the encyclopedia. And there was a picture of Christ hanging on the cross. Something just kept drawing me to that picture of the Lord. Night after night I would sneak around looking at that picture.

*During the next few weeks, I began to try to change myself. I had come to a point in my life that I could not stop cursing -- every other word was a curse word. I desperately wanted to stop but it seemed as though I could not control it. It controlled me. Finally, one day at work, when I was by myself, I just spoke out to God, 'Lord, I can't take this anymore, help me God. I don't understand all of what Jesus did for me on...

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