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Last week, I was at Moody Pastor’s Conference in Chicago; and there, I won a drawing for a brand new Garmin GPS. It’s a nifty little device! Sandy and I had to make several stops in Milwaukee this last weekend – the airport, a Best Western Motel, Office Depot, a GNC store, and other places – so for each stop we just entered the name of the place. The GPS calculated the best route and then gave us turn-by-turn directions: “In 0.2 miles turn right onto such-and-such a road.”

I told Sandy, the only flaw with the GPS is the female voice. Guys don’t normally listen to women, because the guy thinks he knows better, but I had a choice. I could believe what the GPS was telling me (even though it had a female voice) and follow the directions it gave me, or I could go my own way.

When I chose to believe what the GPS was telling me, I had no trouble getting to where I needed to go. But there were times I didn’t do what the GPS told me to do. That’s because the road was blocked or I took a wrong turn. Then the GPS simply said, “recalculating” and gave me new directions.

That’s a lot like following Christ. When we choose to believe what He tells us, we have no trouble getting to where He wants us to go. On the other hand, when we choose to ignore His directions, we can get very lost and into a lot of trouble. But even then, it’s like the Holy Spirit says to our conscience, “Recalculating,” and gives us new directions to get back on track.

The Bible and the Holy Spirit are God’s GPS for our lives. All we need to do is believe what He says and follow His directions.

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