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Why we should be willing to die for Christ, the case of Joseph Tson of Romania

Augustine: “It was necessary that Christ should first die for Peter’s salvation, and then Peter die for Christ’s Gospel.”

When Joseph Tson was imprisoned for preaching the gospel in communist Romania under Nicolae Ceauºescu, he imagined that if he ever was released, the church would cheer his faith and suffering. But such a propaganda campaign was waged against him that when he was granted house arrest, the people hated him. In prayer he cried to the Lord that this was not fair and God reminded him that he was to suffer for God’s reasons and God’s causes, not his own acclaim. “Joseph, you are willing to die for me for your own glory; are you willing to die for me for mine?”

From a sermon by Glenn Durham, How Do We Restore Those Who Stumble? 6/4/10

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