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In 1982 there was a letter to the editor which read, “Dear Editor, I would like to tell your readers how mad I was when I was forced to go out and pay $45 for an infant seat, and to top it off we couldn’t fit everybody in my pickup truck with that big bulky thing. On April 2, my wife was forced to go off highway M-120 into a ditch to avoid a collision – that’s 55 MPH to a dead stop. The back of the child car seat was facing the windshield (as I was told the law required for four-month old infants). That seat broke off the ash tray, cracked the dashboard and chipped the windshield. Our baby didn’t have a scratch on her. I would like to thank God and whoever else is responsible for passing that stupid law.”

In the same way, we need some set of prescriptions, some boundaries, some restraints which keep us from being destroyed or injured on the path through life. We need someone to tell us “Don’t touch the fire! Don’t run in front of the train! Don’t play in the street!” It’s what gives us life.

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