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A pastor told of a woman in his church that had the spiritual gift of service and mercy. Over and over she was used in situations that brought great honor to the Lord. There was a woman in the community with eight children. The terrible news came to this mother that her husband had been killed in a trucking accident in another state. She was not only devastated by grief, but she was panicked as to what to do with her eight children while she went to identify the body and make arrangements to bring her husband back to Tennessee for funeral services. That’s when Jodi sprang into action.

Jodi arranged for the eight children to be taken care of in the homes of church members. She made sure the woman was taken to the airport and got on the right plane, since she had never flown before. When the grieving widow arrived home a couple of days later, she was picked up at the airport and taken home. Upon arriving home, the grieving widow could not believe her eyes. The house was cleaned from top to bottom, all the laundry was done and put away, and there were eight pairs of little shoes completely shined and ready for the funeral service.

The pastor preached the funeral service. Two weeks later the woman and the eight children started attending the church. Soon after that the mother accepted Christ as her Savior and had all eight kids in church. Why? Because a Christian lady with the gifts of service and mercy used her gifts.

What happened is that church experienced God at work through a woman exercising her spiritual gift. When she exercised her spiritual gift, God was glorified and the Good News of Jesus Christ was proclaimed, and the church came together in unity.

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