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Jack was an impressionable 15 year-old. He attended the local Presbyterian Church with his family since he was a baby. He studied for confirmation and was confirmed taking his place in the congregation. He attended youth group meetings and sat in church every Sunday. His 16th birthday was fast approaching, a time when Jack would be able to drive. His friend Richard, who lived just down the street, received a shiny new motorcycle when he turned 16 and Jack wanted the same. He had asked his parents and they said, “NO!” But he knew that he would be able to wear them down sooner or later and he would get his shiny red motorcycle. He even prayed every day for it. The day finally arrived when Jack turned 16 and to his great dismay, there was no shiny, red motorcycle. He wondered, “Why did I do all that praying if God wasn’t going to give me what I wanted? --- If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit we have all been in Jack’s situation wondering why.

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