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On 10th May 2003, through the post I received six letters concerning my claim for Tax Credits - much to my annoyance, since I made my application quite some time before. Back in 2003 the Tax Credit Office were singled out for a lot of criticism, and every day there seemed to be a story of a family, or a single parent who were disillusioned with the Tax Credits Office, because they were not receiving their expected money every month. For many people, forms were filled out and posted off, in good faith, months before. Come April 2003 it was expected that people would begin to receive their money, on time, and as expected - but that has not been the case. Telephone lines to the Tax Credits Office were always engaged - and for many people disillusionment had turned to despair.

I wonder if for some of you the experience of prayer has become a bit like my experience of filling in a Tax Credits form in 2003 and waiting for a result. Perhaps you feel disillusioned by prayer.

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