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When I used to work in an urban parish in Calcutta in India, I used to see a man sitting outside my window, on the pavement, with a parrot in a cage. He was a fortune teller. Several people who pass by that way would stop at him to learn about what the future held for them. I never believed that this man could actually predict the future of these people, but I was curious to know what he told them, and how what he told them affected them.

I wouldn’t want to know today what would happen to me tomorrow. If something good is going to happen, I want to receive it as a surprise. And if something bad is going to happen, I don’t want to spend my today worrying about it. I won’t be able to change it anyway. And this is why I am surprised that so many people look at the horoscope columns on the magazines and on the net to learn about their future.

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