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In Kissimmee, Florida, there is a monument built of 1,500 stones from the 48 states and from 23 foreign countries. It is called the Monument of the States.

Conceived by Dr. Charles D. Bressler-Pettis, the idea for the structure took years to materialize. On a 12-year tour of the world the doctor collected many unusual stones. For example, there is a fragment of rock from the original foundation of the Washington Monument and a piece of Vermont granite from the birthplace of Brigham Young.

Other odd stones include some from the walls of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Hyde Park estate, granite and petrified wood from North Dakota, buffalo horns and tiny stones from Montana, and a good-luck pocket stone from India. There is also a piece of pink limestone from Puerto Rico.

The idea of the structure is to use stones to symbolize friendship among all the states of the union and between all the nations of the world. This Monument of the States was completed in 1943.

— Arthur Tonne — (Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations)

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