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Of the many stories this summer on the environment, one that has continued to draw attention is the story of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. The interaction and hiding of findings of the unit became known as "Climategate." The Oxburgh Inquiry was supposed to review the scientific work of the research unit. The Inquiry examined a short list of papers chosen by the university itself, it held no hearings, only interviewed CRU scientists, took no evidence from critics, kept no notes of interviews, released a five-page report after only three weeks of work, then destroyed all its records. When it later emerged that CRU scientists admitted that their work was far more uncertain than was previously acknowledged, Ronald Oxburgh was asked why he did not report this. He replied that "the science was not the subject of our study."

(From a sermon by Matthew Kratz, The Signs of Divine Judgment, 7/24/2010)

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