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She squealed with joy – I just know she would. She grinned and chuckled while dashing from room to room as she gazed at all the balloons, streamers and other decorations scattered about. Her little fingers mined through the candy, presents, and other trinkets of fun spread over the dinner table. “Wait for mom”, I said. My baby turned ten today, and minutes ago she walked through the door after a long day of school. She awoke this morning grinning as I sang Happy Birthday (badly I might add). But little did she know when she awoke that dad intended to surprise her with unexpected delight and joy.

I think it’s great to surprise others on their birthdays – if only to see the joy and delight on their faces. But you know what’s better: to be a surprise to others. Like John the Baptist, my daughter was born to shine the light of Christ from within her, and to be a joy and delight for many. Just like them – you’ve also been born to be a joy and delight to so many. So what do you say; let’s surprise someone today the joy and delight we have from within.

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