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Boom! Boom! The two-fold pounding of the avalanche cannon awoke me from my slumber. No, we didn't get snow last night, I mused. But sure enough, God dumped nine inches of fresh snow onto the mountains above. Now, I love winter; it's great skiing on fresh powder. However, I must confess my lament: I'm ready for spring.

As my morning routine ended, I stepped from the comfort of our home to walk to work. The cold damp cut through my jacket strait into my bones. I strolled to my office, looking at the blanket of new snow upon the mountain cap. Just then, I heard my first echo of spring.

A chorus of birds was singing a new song to the morning dawn. Their song resonated with a distant memory of springs gone by. The grey of my heart and the lament formerly on my lips faded; for on that day I heard creation "sing a new song to the Lord" (Psalm 96:1).

This is a day to celebrate and to be filled with God's joy. My grieving quickly turned to joy; and there in my joy I found a newfound strength to champion the day. I again realized one of life's simplicities: my grief was merely an attitude of the heart. There's a lesson there for us all. Like the birds, I made a choice to sing a new song to God. I allowed the joy of the Lord to transform my thoughts, and usher in a mini revival of the heart. My friends, that's what I hope and pray for us all this morning as spring unfolds.

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