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I heard Brother John Harrell of Bridge City, Texas tell of a church up in the piney woods of east Texas that began to have a tremendous breakthrough revival. An evangelist came in and they started their series of meetings and from the beginning of the meeting, all sorts of people started coming to the Church. Backsliders coming out of the woodwork and folk who had never before received the Holy Ghost started praying through. After about a month of it, the pastor could not understand what or why the revival had hit like it had.

One day he was down praying and began to question the Lord about it. During that prayer time, the Lord prompted his mind to one of the quietest little ladies who had been a saint for a long time. That night at the service, the pastor slipped around to her and conveyed to her what had happened that morning when he was praying. He then asked her if she had some explanation for it.

The little lady broke down and started crying and told him that for well over a year, that she had been writing down the names of all the guests who had been coming to Church, and during the week at her house she would get down and pray over all the took her a little over a year but God brought a revival to that Church that to this day has been unrivalled.

(From a sermon by Philip Harrelson, Don’t Underestimate Your Prayers, 8/6/2010)

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