6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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Every summer when I was a child, my family would make the trip from Texas to New Jersey to see my dad’s parents. They lived in a fascinating two-story house in which all the bedrooms were upstairs. The room I slept in had a single bed, and above the bed was a picture of Jesus. You may have seen this particular print. In it, Jesus is shown full stature, wearing a scarlet tunic and a white mantle. In one hand, he holds a shepherd’s staff and in the other, close to his heart, a lamb.

As a child I took great comfort in gazing at this picture, and it helped me feel safe and secure, as though Jesus, the Good Shepherd, were watching over me as I slept. In some ways, I suppose, I thought of myself as that lamb, tucked under the arm of our Lord. Of course, no one knows what Jesus really looked like, but we can know a great deal about him and what he was and is like.

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