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The history of Mothering Sunday is interesting. Some say it is difficult to be definitive about how it all began. The following are some of the theories advanced about the history of this all important day:

It may have started from a Roman Spring festival- a time in which the Romans (centuries ago) would celebrate one of their goddesses- the mother goddess, Cybele. It is believed this festival was later Christianised by the churches at that time into remembering and celebrating the role of mothers.

Another vein of thought says in those days when Britain had a large number of church-going population, church goers developed the habit of finding time once per year to visit the church where they were baptised, irrespective of where they were- within the parish or outside. They found time to make this annual pilgrimage to their mother-church or home-church. Therefore, the day they made the visit to worship in their mother-church (where they were baptised) was later called Mothering Sunday.

It is also believed that those young folks who were working for rich people as maids or servants were given a special day-off on a Sunday (which was once per year), just to go and visit their mothers. This visit by young workers was later known as- Mothering Sunday.

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