3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations


In Washington, a Sunday school class was disrupted by a boy who wouldn’t behave. He also kept the other children from paying attention. The faithful teacher became discouraged and felt that his efforts were in vain. The mischievous youngster grew to manhood and travelled west, where he lived a wicked life.

Years afterward he returned home. As he walked along the street, he passed a cemetery. Suddenly he noticed that one of the tombstones bore the name of his former Sunday school teacher. Gradually the truths he had been taught by that loving believer flooded his memory and convicted him of sin.

As the Holy Spirit continued to work in his heart, he went over to the grave, knelt in the grass, and accepted the Lord. Later he became a beloved and faithful pastor. Yet the devoted Christian worker had gone to his grave thinking his spiritual endeavours had been fruitless.

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