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WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN was a U.S. Congressman, 3-time Democratic presidential nominee, and Secretary of State who served this country for three decades. He is probably best remembered for the famous Scopes Trial in 1925 at Dayton TN. This man's far reaching influence has been attributed to his wisdom.

Perhaps the secret of his wisdom was his acceptance of the advice given to him by his father. Just before William was leaving for college, his preacher father challenged him to read through the Book of Proverbs once a month for a year. The young man did so during his freshman year. Years later he looked back at his father's request as one of the most important factors in his life.

Man's advice may or may not be good. It depends on where the man has derived his wisdom. The wisdom of God will give one the ability to make an eternally significant impact with your life. If we are to gleam the wisdom of Proverbs we must bow in awe and respect for God's authority and respond to Him in faith and obedience.

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