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Charlotte Elliot came to Caesar Milan and asked how she could become a Christian. The old man replied, "My dear, it is very simple. You have only to come to Jesus."

And she said to him, "But I am a very great sinner, will He take me just as I am?"

"Yes, He will take you just as you are, and no other way."

And then she said, "If He will take me just as I am, then I will come," and she went home to her room, sat down at her desk and wrote the beautiful words of the hymn:

"Just as I am without one plea,

O, Lamb, of God I come, I come."

This is the way that Charlotte Elliot came to Christ, and thousands of others since, in the words of her hymn.

Have you come just as you are, without one plea but that Christ's blood was shed for thee? Come in faith and God will save you just as you are here tonight.

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