Sermon Illustrations


Steve Winger told of his last college exam in Logic class.

The professor was known for giving difficult exams but made one concession for the final exam. "To help on your test," the professor told us, "you can bring as much information as can fit on a piece of notebook paper."

Most student crammed as many facts as possible on their 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper.

But one student walked into class, put a piece of paper on the floor, and had an advanced Logic student stand on the paper. The advanced Logic student told him everything he needed to know. And he was the only student to receive an "A."

Our your final Life exam, what will your grade be? The test will only have one question on it: "Why should I let you into heaven???" When your time comes for that final exam, it will do little good to cram onto the page all of your good deeds, all of the committees you’ve belonged to, all of the congregations you’ve joined. The only way you’ll pass that final exam will...

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