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One of the best ways to do these good things is to get involved in Vacation Bible School: Praying for VBS, inviting kids to come, serving in VBS, and following up on our guests. Kids will get saved. Sometimes even parents get saved through VBS. Florence Lee can tell you that. And I love this story, because it’s also about a good dog.

Florence’s dad was Mr. G.A. Neal. I knew him as one of our fine senior adults, and he was a good man. He and Mrs. Neal were married for 57 years. Before they came here, they helped start Unity Baptist Church as a mission. That’s where Mr. Neal was ordained as a deacon.

But in his younger years, Mr. Neal was as lost as can be. Like me, and a lot of other people, Mr. Neal had a drinking problem as a young man. One night he passed out in the pasture, not too far from the house. But they had a little dog named Fannie. And she kept going out to pasture to check on Mr. Neal.

When he came to himself the next day, he said that if a little dog thought that much of him, if a little dog could love him that much, then he needed to do something about his life. That was a real turning point for Mr. Neal, but it was two more years before he and Mrs. Neal got saved. It happened one night after VBS, on the same day that Florence got saved in that VBS.

I rejoice that God used that little dog to help Mr. Neal. But it took God’s people serving in VBS to save His soul. It took somebody going to his home to save his soul.

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