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Woodrow Wilson was on a train. He was in Billings, Montana. He was making whistle stops. He was the President of the United States. He was on that last coach. He was on that platform there out behind. You have seen pictures of them. His wife was next to him. There were important men in government who were there. And, there was a crowd in Billings, Montana, who had come to see the President of the United States.

Two little boys kind of elbowed their way through the crowd and got right up close. One little boy had an American flag. He gave it to the President. The President took that flag and the little boy was so happy. The other little boy had nothing to give to the President that he knew of, and he wanted to give him something, and he reached down in his pocket. The little feller found a dime, took it out of his pocket, and he handed that dime to the President of the United States. And, the President of the United States reached down and took that dime and thanked the little feller.

Woodrow Wilson lived for five years after that and then he died. His wife going through his personal effects going through his billfold and she found that dime, wrapped in a piece of paper, tucked in the President’s billfold. It had been with him in the most important meetings on the person, on the body, in the billfold of the President of the United States, one dime.

I’ve thought about that and I’ve thought about

how God knows the fact of love that will be displayed by many of you. And, how God will keep that as a token, because He will know why you gave it and the spirit that you gave it in.

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